The Best Magnifying Lamp For Your Desk In 2017

Increase Your Eye Comfort With A Magnifying Desk Lamp

There are many different kinds of work and activities, that can require a person to want to work with a magnifying object that lets us zoom in on the nitty gritty details of what we’re doing. Reading very small lettering can sometimes be a problem to people, starting from middle age and up. There are many reasons why a person might have poor vision, and it’s not all because of old age. Even a healthy person will get very fatigued eyes when staring at small objects for a long time. And when you get tired eyes, it’s easy to completely lose interest in the task at hand. Thanks to a magnifying lamp, you are able to get a really good view of whatever it is that you’re doing. Not only because you’re getting good light, but also because you’re getting a bigger picture.

Lamps like these are absolutely perfect for use at home. But some of them are convenient enough to pack up and are therefore portable. You can take them with you on your travels, or to your workplace. And there are plenty of professional occupations that require such a desk lamp that lets them zoom in on their work. If your job involves performing minute craftwork, needlework or simply reading, then you would be a good candidate for purchasing such a nifty device. It would be that you are doing embroidery. In this case, you are going to benefit from having a super clear differentiation in colors while you are working on your stuff.

Healthcare professionals are also pretty big on magnifying lamps. Take for instance dermatologists, who can really use some good lighting conditions and a bigger picture in order to diagnose various skin conditions. Another group of people who are fond of these types of desk lamps, are aestheticians, who will need a good close up of what they are doing when they are removing your blackheads, cleaning your pimples, or resurfacing your skin.

Dentists are another group of people who are more than happy to get a good view of what they are doing, while working on your teeth. Imagine if a dentist wasn’t able to analyze your situation and just had to take wild guesses. Now that would be one heck of a situation. Pathologists are yet another group who are in dire need of desk lighting and magnification, in order to analyze their samples. I could go on…

These days, there are many types of magnifying lamps available online, ranging from very affordable to very pricey. But a lamp such as this, is a long term investment. So even when you are buying a pricey one, its price will still be spread out over its entire lifespan. If you’re a professional who absolutely needs to have a lamp like this, then you’ll probably do well to buy a pricier one, because it will pay back for itself in the long run. In order to make the best choice,  it’s a good idea to browse around a bit and read up on the features and the reviews.

Finding a good magnifying lamp for your desk, is a really great way to go a little easy on your vision. You will be able to work faster and better because it gives you such a clear picture of what you are doing. When your eyes get tired, it’s hard to continue working. All you’ll want to do, is close them. You’ll tell yourself:”I’ll just rest my eyes a bit.”, before accidentally dozing off to sleep. Nothing is more exhausting than straining your vision. And that exhaustion is going to cost you productivity. This in turn will cost you money, because you won’t be able to  perform your job as well as you could… if only you had a magnification lamp to ensure that you could deliver high quality work.

Whether you are a hobbyist who needs magnification for building ships with match sticks, or you are a dentist working on a midget’s mouth… you’re going to need some good lighting as well as magnification. It will be an extremely valuable addition to either your home or your workplace. It is going to make your task at hand so much easier. Once you clamp that baby to your desk and turn it on, you’re going to ask yourself why you didn’t buy one much sooner.

Magnifying Lamp Buying Guide

For every line of work, there are going to be tools available that will make it possible (or just plain easier) to perform your job. Many professions will require both good lighting as well as magnification, unless you’re a big fan of getting strained eyes and becoming exhausted in the first 15 minutes. It’s best to just invest in a good desk lamp in order to make life easy on yourself.

When you are trying to find the best one for yourself, it’s important to keep your own requirements in mind. For example, you can usually choose between a base lamp, a clamp lamp or a floor lamp.

A base lamp is a regular lamp that has a base. You can simply put it on your desk.

A clamp lamp can be clamped to your desk. This has the advantage of letting you reposition the lamp right next to you, or even to the side of your desk. This saves you lots of space. You’ll have to unclamp it in order to reclamp it somewhere else. So repositioning is a little more time consuming than it is with a base lamp. Most people prefer these, because they are very easy to adjust and are always within reach.

A floor lamp is a lamp you put on the floor. These are good for people who absolutely do not want their lamp to take up any space on the desk. If you’re in a workplace where you’ve got more floor space than desk space, this could be a great option for you.

Usually, lighting fixtures such as these are sturdily built. It’s very important that you can calibrate them very easily, otherwise they’d be of no use to you. For that reason, some of them come with counterbalances and/or springs.

High quality, optical glass is used in order to construct the lenses.  A good magnifying lens will not have dissemination or reflection.

The type of glass that a lens is made of, is one of the things you’ll have to keep in mind when buying a lamp. The other things are the type of bulb used, as well as the quality of the joints of the clamp lamp.

Your average magnifier glass is going to be somewhere near 6″ in diameter. A high quality lens will give you a very clear picture, which is going to reduce the stress to your eyes. If you work with magnification all day long, then you’ll definitely want to buy a lamp with a high quality glass.

There are various kinds of bulbs that a desk clamp lamp can use:

  • Incandescent
  • Halogen
  • LED
  • Fluorescent
  • Full spectrum

You don’t see incandescent bulbs at all that often anymore. These light up by being heated. When you’ve got these close to your face, it tends to really start irritating your face and your eyes very quickly.

Depending on what kind of light you prefer, you could choose halogen, LED or fluorescent.

Full spectrum lighting can come in handy for people whose life depends on distinguishing between colors, such as artists.

Make sure that your magnifying lamp has good joints and springs, too. It can have all the lighting and magnification in the world, but it you can’t adjust it properly… you’ve still got nothing!

Best Magnifying Lamp: Pro Magnify Desk Clamp – Review

If you’re going to review a lamp, you might as well review the best one out there. And that is this beast by Pro Magnify. It makes use of a premium grade lamp, that will let you see everything in a whole new perspective. And by that we mean: bigger, better and brighter, ofcourse.


The 5″ diameter glass lens has a 5-diopter magnification, which translates to about 2.25X magnifying capability in human terms. It will let you see things in very minute detail. The focal range is a respectable 9″, which means that it can easily show you everything you’ve got in a an area of 9″.


The surface mounted diode shines at a very respectable 650 Lumens. You’d think this device would be pretty power hungry, but nothing is less true than that. As a matter of fact,  it actually uses no more than 9 watts, which is very little in comparison with most other light bulbs. Its lifespan is estimated to be 100,000 hours.

That’s a lot. To get an idea of how much that is, let’s calculate how many 40 hour work weeks fit in there: 100,000 / 40 = 2500.

So how many years is that? Assuming you’re working 50 weeks out of the year, then that’ll be 50 years.

You’d have to be working with it for a whole lifetime, in order to wear it out. Considering the fact that these kinds of lifespan estimates are always conservative, it’s far more likely that the bulb will outlive you, than the other way around.

It doesn’t have the flicker that comes from fluorescent light. It just gives you really great light at almost no power consumption.

The 90 LEDs are not the brightest ones out there, but then again… when you’re going to be looking at something as up close as you’ll be doing with the Pro Magnify, then you won’t need the brightest light.

It gives off a pretty ‘cool’ looking light, while at the same time not being too darn blue. It’s more like ‘cool white’, which is a very neutral color for light to have.

There are 3 brightness settings for you to choose from.


This lamp can be adjusted without having to loosen or tighten knobs. Lesser lamps have external springs. But this Pro Magnify specimen has a unique cantilever system inside of its 38″, triple jointed arm. It will hold its position all on its own. And if you want to be absolutely sure that it will indeed hold position, you can lock it sturdily into place.

The closed arm allows for precision movement, which comes in handy for all those times that you decide to move it around. It also swivels at the base. At first, the joints might be a bit stiff. But they’ll ease up on you soon enough.


It has a very sleek design, so it is sure to make any desk look like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. The aluminum clamp is pretty heavy duty and die-cast. It will only take up as little as 2″ of your desk space.

It has a flip-up cover that protects the lens from dust. This will go a long way in keeping it clean for longer. It can help to close the cover if you don’t want to be cleaning your lens every day or so.

Keep in mind that the dust cover is not removable. But rest assured that it won’t get in the way, unless your purposely move your face into it.

It’s pretty heavy, so you’ll understand that it comes with a very strong clamp. The clamp is easy to loosen and tighten with a turning knob.

Due to the weight of this desk lamp, you’ve got to be sure that you are going to attach it to a strong enough base.

Since most desks use quite a bit of surface, this isn’t going to be a problem for the vast majority of people.


Depending on how you’ll adjust it, it’ll take up smaller or larger volumes.

It’s specifications are listed as 21″ x 14.3″ x 3.1″.

It’s pretty high, so make sure that your desk has plenty of space above it.

It doesn’t require a lot of space behind it, though.


This is a premium desk lighting tool that you can use either at home or at work. You can use it as a visual aid for getting some reading done, or other kinds of activities.

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